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Australia has had a couple of world championship rounds in Downhill skateboard racing, and the sport is growing at a pretty fair pace.  Here's news on how that international stuff is coming together.

Trackdayz - Collie November 10 2012, Wanneroo December 8 2012

For people who use their bikes all the time to get through the jungle of traffic, some time on the track is great fun, and there's a payoff in safety.  Everybody wins, nobody loses.

Anaconda race, Lorne, Victoria, December 8&9

The Anaconda Race series allows for serious competitors, and those of us who aren't quite that awesome, to rub shoulders on some pretty great stretches of Australia.  The season wind up in December is worth planning for, but you want to start soon if you're going to be ready.

Rodeo, Boyup Brook, WA, 26 & 27 October 2012

Rodeo....There is the adventure, no question, and the straight out athleticism and danger, but there's also just meeting a whole other crowd. This is worth a look.

Southern Exposure Mountain Bike Festival, October 20.

The season is starting up again, and to be honest, it's probably good to get an event under your belt before the summer really arrives. You can enter online, at until Thursday, 18 October

When Extreme Sports Go Wrong...

We've all seen horror clips of when an extreme sport goes wrong. Here's a montage of epic fails, sure to make you cringe and groan!

Extreme sports becomes big business

Well it's no surprise to us, but the corporate world has figured out that people want to see extreme sports.

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Hurtle Back

  • News Item
  • 10 October 2012
Okeyday, we haven't been doing much for a long while.  We've got good reasons, mostly that we couldn't find a way to pay the bills, but when we say them out ,loud they sound like excuses.  So if you've had in mind to keep up with your fix of what'...

Yallingup Surfilm Festival

  • News Item
  • 19 January 2012
OK, watching a movie isn't as extreme as some of the things we are used to posting, but we've been away and it's the first thing in my head.  We're back, things will warm up soon, and we are going to share a bunch of stuff with you. First, the Yal...